Criticizers are actually our supporters.

All of us have some people in life who are never happy with our success. No matter how successful we are these ‘some’ people would never be happy for us, they would always try to pick out flaws. Finding faults and flaws in everything we do is like their only goal in life. Overpowered by their jealousy and negativity, these ‘some’ people never fail to demotivate and demoralize us. They would give their best so that we don’t do our best. These ‘some’ people who call us names and criticize us are not our criticizers but our supporters, yes you guys read it correct these people are our supporters. We always sulk about having so many criticizers, but why don’t we think of them as our supporters, as our energy builders who push us to push our limits. These critics and negativities always whether directly or indirectly motivates us to do better than we ought to, and prove them wrong. No matter what, we are always going to have such people who won’t be happy with us and we can’t do anything about that but we can always, transform their negativity into positivity before letting it come to us. We can think of their negativity as a challenge to do better. Nowadays, life is full of criticizers but if we master the art of transforming everything negative into positive then nothing in this world can defeat us.

By insight_of_me


Everyone has their definition for “HOME”. For me, home is somewhere, where I don’t have to search for solace. A place where monstrous anxiety is caged by peace.A place where I can rest my guards. A lot of people are fortunate to have mansions, cars, villas, etc u name it they have it. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a place where they are not conscious of showcasing their soul, a place where they can be ” them” without giving a second thought. My home resides where I can open my arms and embrace freedom, a place where shackles of my past are mere slaves of my present unyielding deterministic self. Home does not necessarily need to be a place. We can find a home in a person, in the tunes of flute, in the glimmers of the morning, in the hues of sunset, in the calmness of breeze. My home resides in the solace of the book and the writing of a mighty pen. Directly or indirectly we are all seeking for a home. Hopefully, you find yours.

By insight_of_me

It’s all about that one step…

It isn’t wrong to fail.
It isn’t wrong to fear.
It isn’t wrong to feel vulnerable and weak,
But not trying to overcome them is.

Someone doesn’t become great by not failing but by taking that one step towards success after felling down, after getting hurt.

There will always be ups and downs because this is life and this is how it is meant to be.
But life is dynamic it will keep on changing its phases. Just like good times even bad times won’t last, they will pass away, we just have to hang on and keep trying.

The moment we take a step towards trying is the moment we win 70% of the battle.

Even after achieving what we want in life, we will have to face problems, we will have to face hurdles, but taking a step towards overcoming them, passing through them is what will make us great.

At the end it’s all about that one step we take towards success after failing.

-By insight_of_me


Darkness is when my mind is clouded with grief and there is this strong agony my heart feels.
While its coursing through my body getting its place generalized,
Overwhelming adrenaline running in my veins is paralyzed.
It isn’t just something dark and scary but also numb and fiery.

I m walking in the tunnel of darkness without a fear for tomorrow ,
cause I know this is the last stage of sorrow.
Though i m shattered ,here i will be unbreakable,
cause its undoable to divide something indivisible.

– By insight_of_me


If there are roses, there will be thorns;If we accept roses we don’t get to reject thorns,
As we all know they come along.

If there is success, there is failure;
If we welcome success with arms open ,we don’t get to close our doors for worse,
As its the beauty of universe.

If there is beauty, there is hideous;
We don’t get to be disgusted by hideous if we are getting allure by beauty,
As nature is depicting it’s serenity.

By insight_of_me

Is it, worth it ?

“Compromise” something I had been accustomed to even before I knew this word. This was so habitual that I couldn’t even comprehend that I was actually sacrificing so much of myself for people and things around me. Even the people around me were so habituated to this lifestyle of mine that for them it wasn’t something new.
All this while I didn’t felt that what I am doing is an injustice to myself, that I am degrading my whole being. Because this is something I have done all my life, so I thought this is how it should be done.
But one fine day my illusion broke though it was devastating, I was exposed to the reality. There I came to know that I have to make very tremendous and dynamic change in my life. I have to stop treating myself the way I do. I need to get out of this trap of “compromise ” . I need to embrace my self worth. I need to rebel. I need to boost my self esteem and individuality.
After all this came the reformed me. Many people didnt like the new me but thats fine because I was myself, who was open for adjustments but not one sided compromise.

By insight_of_me

A letter to my childhood

Dear Childhood,
I feel sad that, I wont be able to experience you again,but at the same time I am grateful that I had you. You are an integral part of me and always will be. I am glad to have you as starting chapters in my book of life. When life is busy in giving me hardships you were the one who taught me that having fun is much more important than learning basic fundas . You were the one who taught me that getting expelled from class could be enjoyable as well. You introduced me to the world were “being yourself ” was not a taboo,were innocence was cherished,were piggy banks were treasured as the most prized possession. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a memorable childhood.I can’t thank my stars enough that though it was for a short period of time you did paid me a visit. You will always be a prisoner of my memories.
Yours long lost craver,


-By insight_of _me