Is it, worth it ?

“Compromise” something I had been accustomed to even before I knew this word. This was so habitual that I couldn’t even comprehend that I was actually sacrificing so much of myself for people and things around me. Even the people around me were so habituated to this lifestyle of mine that for them it wasn’t something new.
All this while I didn’t felt that what I am doing is an injustice to myself, that I am degrading my whole being. Because this is something I have done all my life, so I thought this is how it should be done.
But one fine day my illusion broke though it was devastating, I was exposed to the reality. There I came to know that I have to make very tremendous and dynamic change in my life. I have to stop treating myself the way I do. I need to get out of this trap of “compromise ” . I need to embrace my self worth. I need to rebel. I need to boost my self esteem and individuality.
After all this came the reformed me. Many people didnt like the new me but thats fine because I was myself, who was open for adjustments but not one sided compromise.

By insight_of_me

A letter to my childhood

Dear Childhood,
I feel sad that, I wont be able to experience you again,but at the same time I am grateful that I had you. You are an integral part of me and always will be. I am glad to have you as starting chapters in my book of life. When life is busy in giving me hardships you were the one who taught me that having fun is much more important than learning basic fundas . You were the one who taught me that getting expelled from class could be enjoyable as well. You introduced me to the world were “being yourself ” was not a taboo,were innocence was cherished,were piggy banks were treasured as the most prized possession. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a memorable childhood.I can’t thank my stars enough that though it was for a short period of time you did paid me a visit. You will always be a prisoner of my memories.
Yours long lost craver,


-By insight_of _me

Be a voice not an echo..

Being +1 in the herds of sheep,
Crying tears and tears of sorrow won’t give you a merrier tomorrow.
Don’t wait for others to appro,
Be a voice not an echo.

Taking the strings of your future in your hands,
Determination touching the skies.
Let it be called crazy or psycho,
Be a voice not an echo.

Never let your individuality questioned,
Give your thoughts and dreams all the required potion.
Never speak the mind which is borrowed,
Be a voice not an echo.

Don’t be afraid to be different,
As diversity is for betterment.
It’s good at times to not think twice and say “NO”,
Be a voice not an echo.

-By insight_of_me