My kind of feminism.

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“FEMINISM” a word that is always surrounded by controversies, backlash, a lot of different perceptions, and whatnot. Everyone has their own definition of feminism so do I but here I would like to talk about feminine because the feminine is boundless and one cannot cage it in a definition. Having said that I also think it is people’s repulsive and disregarding behaviour towards femininity or anything that’s softer or gentler than people’s general idea of being macho that has brought us today to a place where we need to create awareness about it. When I say people it includes both men and women. I have heard women taking pride in being manly at the same time I have hardly ever seen a man taking pride in being womanly and the aftermath of this outlook is that we have created a society where kindness, warmness, tears altogether emotions are considered taboo for both men and women, leading to depression, anxiety, suicides, etc. Today before asking for mental help we think about whether this would endanger our ‘being strong’ fabric. In my opinion, the root cause of atrocities that women are subjected to is because of arrogance, the hunger to dominate, and has its depth deeper than just man or woman, it is about superior people’s craving to dominate people belonging to lower strata than them. I think some ounces of humility can help people broaden their perceptions.

-By Insight_of_me

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“Compromise” something I had been accustomed to even before I knew this word. This use to come so naturally to me that I couldn’t even comprehend that I was actually sacrificing so much of myself for people and things around me. Even the people around me were so habituated to this lifestyle of mine that for them it wasn’t something new.
All this while I didn’t feel that what I am doing is an injustice to myself, that I am degrading my whole being. Because this is something I have been doing all my life, so I thought this is how it should be done.
But one fine day my illusion broke, though it was devastating, I was exposed to reality. I was standing naked in front of reality all bruised and wounded, suddenly feeling weak, and fragile. All this while my illusion didn’t let me feel the pain. There I came to know that I have to make a very tremendous and dynamic change in my life. I have to stop treating myself the way I do. I need to get out of this trap of “compromise “. I need to embrace my self-worth. I need to rebel. I need to boost my self-esteem and embrace my individuality. I had actually degraded my being to nothing by drinking this poison of compromise again and again. I had forgotten that it takes two to tango and my compromises alone wouldn’t actually solve everything.
After all this, came the reformed me. Many people didn’t like the new me but that’s fine because I was myself, who was open for adjustments but not one-sided compromise.

_By insight_of_me

Hues of life

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If someone is keeping you hostage it’s bad, but when you yourself cage your soul it’s worse.

If you don’t have anything to eat it’s bad, but having delicious cuisine in front of you and not being able to swallow even a morsel down your throat is worse.

If someone beats you till your body gets numb its bad, but u wounding yourself to feel some pain in your numb body is worse.

If you don’t have someone to love you it’s bad, but having a lot of fake people pretending to love you is worse.

-By insight_of_me


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Sometimes in between all the chaos of your life, you need to leave every strategy, plan, statistics, responsibilities, etc behind and breathe.
Leave everything behind and just breathe,
Breathe reality,
Breathe the situation,
Breathe consequences,
Breathe your past,
Breathe and feel your inner beauty,
Breathe your strength and potential,
Breathe determination,
and just move forward towards the future with an empty mind.
Let your present take you with its flow.
Let nature apply its magic to you and give a driving force you have been craving for.
Sometimes it’s okay to surrender to the flow of the present without fearing tomorrow.

-By insight_of_me


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“I m not going to make a failure out of myself, no matter how many times I fail. “

This one line is going to ask for a lot of things from you, your time, sweat and blood, dedication, sacrifices, and so on. Give everything it takes. Choose this one line over all your desires and wants. Be aware! Every time you bow down in front of struggles, you are proving everyone who called you a failure, true.

-By insight_of_me

Solace of home.

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Everyone has their own definition for “HOME”. For me, home is somewhere, where I don’t have to search for solace. A place where monstrous anxiety is caged by peace. A place where I can rest my guards. A lot of people are fortunate to have mansions, cars, villas, etc u name it they have it. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a place where they are not conscious of showcasing their soul, a place where they can be ” them” without giving a second thought. My home resides where I can open my arms and embrace freedom, a place where shackles of my past are mere slaves of my present unyielding deterministic self. Home does not necessarily needs to be a place. We can find a home in a person, in the tunes of flute, in the glimmers of the morning, in the hues of sunset, in the calmness of breeze. My home resides in the solace of the book and the writing of a mighty pen. Directly or indirectly we are all seeking a home. Hopefully, you find yours.

-By insight_of_me

My scars are my jewels.

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When I look up at myself in the mirror I see puffy eyes with dark circles surrounding them stare back at me. There I see a girl with pale skin, dull and tired eyes, dark circles around her eyes, and some pimples and acne mark decorating her face. Though her demeanour is dull and tired, her eyes are speaking volumes. There is something about her face that makes me feel proud of her.
Nowadays everyone is hiding behind a mask. Whether the mask is of makeup or facade. Even I opt for hiding my real self, being too scared to let the world know of my weaknesses.
But it isn’t so bad to adore your scars and wounds and feel proud of them, when alone. Not everyone is matured enough to celebrate their scars.
Not everyone gets the chance to look at themselves and feel like “yeah, I fought some battles and won over it or at least I m still trying “.
Maybe this is the reason, when I look up at myself in the mirror the serenity and beauty oozing out of the flaws of my face staring back at me dumbstruck’s me. Maybe it isn’t so bad to fight over the insecurities you have for your self. It’s beautiful to overcome the hatred you have for yourself for the mistakes you did.
Maybe it isn’t so bad to like your real self at times.
#its not bad to love yourself.

-By insight_of_me

Its all about that one step.

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It isn’t wrong to fail.
It isn’t wrong to fear.
It isn’t wrong to feel vulnerable and weak,
But not trying to overcome them is.

Someone doesn’t become great by not failing but by taking that one step towards success after felling down, after getting hurt.

There will always be ups and downs because this is life and this is how it is meant to be.
But life is dynamic it will keep on changing its phases. Just like good times even bad times won’t last, they will pass away, we just have to hang on and keep trying.

The moment we take a step towards trying is the moment we win 70% of the battle.

Even after achieving what we want in life, we will have to face problems, we will have to face hurdles, but taking a step towards overcoming them, passing through them is what will make us great.

At the end it’s all about that one step we take towards success after failing.

-By insight_of_me


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If there are roses, there will be thorns;
If we accept roses we don’t get to reject thorns,
As we all know they come along.

If there is a success, there is a failure;
If we welcome success with arms open, we don’t get to close our doors for worse,
As its the beauty of the universe.

If there is beauty, there is hideous;
We don’t get to be disgusted by hideous if we are getting allure by beauty,
As nature is depicting its serenity.

-By insight_of_me